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How can I get all these turnkey stuffs?

To get all these free and paid stuffs you need to become member of this site.
After signing, login to your account and there you can download all the free and paid stuffs you want to get.

How much doest it cost to download stuffs from lyscreation.net?

You have two options, Free stuaffs can be downloaded without any cost and only the paid stuffs should be purchased.

How can I pay?

We are using the secure gateway of Paypal to accept payments.

Multi-Item Cart

Our Website has a multi-item checkout, compatible with  PayPal and offers full shopping cart functionality.
You can continue selecting the items you want to buy and pay them all at once when you finish selecting them.

Download easily with PayPal

PayPal is the most popular payment processor in the world with millions of users. Our Website supports PayPal transactions using the Website Payments Standard system that requires no additional monthly fees from PayPal. Clients wishing to use PayPal as their payment processor need to have a PayPal account to use the Website Payments Standard with to be able to download our stuffs..

Download easily after paying with PayPal

Once you pay the items you selected, you will be returned to your account directely from Paypal, our Website will be in direct connection with PayPal and will make available the items you paid once Paypal confirms and communicate to our Website the list of your paid items and the status of your payment.
You may need to wait a while so we can get the confirmation that Paypal has received your payments and then your paid items would be available for download.
You can check the avaibility to download your paid items at any time after receiving your payment.

After sending my payment how long before my account activated?

An auto-access is implemented to the Website, but there are cases that we need to manually approve your account, it takes 2-10 hours if it's a manually approve.

Can I reproduce these stuffs and resell them?

Yes and No.
There are some products included in this Website that you can NOT resell but for sure you can use them for personal use to make money from them.

I can't login to my account, why?

This Website requires the cookies to be enabled, so be sure that you browser's cookies is enabled when you're using our Website.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the electronic nature of our products, refunds for services rendered will not be refunded.